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SARSAS is trying to do with one stream, the Auburn Ravine, what must be done to all streams and rivers on the entire West Coast and that is to make the entire length of the ravine navigable for Anadromous Fish.

The health and well-being of Salmon is directly linked to that of people. If we improve the health and well-being of Salmon, we improve the health and well-being of mankind and therefore ourselves.

Salmon are as resilient and adaptive as humans; when they can no longer adapt, neither can mankind. They need our help….NOW.

Save Auburn Ravine Salmon and Steelhead (SARSAS, Inc.)  is a 501C3, tax exempt, public benefit corporation with EIN 80-0291680 All donations to SARSAS are tax deductible for the donor.

Map of Auburn Ravine


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Hemphill Dam is a major barrier for salmon

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Upcoming Events

John Hannon, USBR, invited to speak

February 27, 2017

John Hannon is a Fisheries Biologist for the US Bureau of Reclamation working on anadromous salmonid issues as they interact with operations of Reclamation facilities. He has 25 years of experience as a fisheries biologist focusing on Pacific salmon and steelhead including 13 years with Reclamation in California leading habitat restoration and fish passage projects and assessing effects of water operations on anadromous fish and 11 years for the Tongass National Forest in Craig, Alaska providing fish passage over natural barriers, monitoring colonization of newly opened habitat, devising and conducting habitat and population surveys, implementing stream habitat restoration projects, and providing fisheries support to timber harvest. He also was a commercial sea cucumber diver and sports fishing charter operator.