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New Documents Received from SARSAS PRA request to CDFW

SARSAS has received several documents relating to the Hemphill Dam from the CDFW.  They detail a request by NID (Nevada Irrigation District), to perform work on the dam in 2014.  The CDFW agreed to the stance SARSAS has consistently maintained.  The department concluded that the

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New Video Posted to Site

Visit our media page to see our video about this years salmon run at Hemphill Dam.  See how the salmon were prevented from spawning for still another year by NID’s mismanagement of this facility.

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Salmon Migration Blocked at Hemphill Dam on Auburn Ravine

Many individuals and agencies have worked diligently to get salmon 22 miles up Auburn Ravine to the current blockage at Hemphill Dam. NOAA Special Agent Don Tanner brought nine downstream dams into compliance with NOAA regulations; that is, all dams are removed by October 15