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Dedication Lincoln Gaugaging Station Ladder 2002

Here is video of the Lincoln Gauging Fish Ladder dedication December 2, 2012, with former NID GM Ron Nelson officiating. He was a GM concerned about the environment, who worked diligently with all parties involved, especially with SARSAS, to make the fish ladder dream a reality. 

Vision for future steps

Funds to Get Salmon and Steelhead to Auburn in Auburn Ravine My thoughts: Think about how SARSAS can do a large fundraiser in the hundreds of thousands of dollars to get fish to Auburn from the Sacramento River to provide the economic boon attendant to

Summary of SARSAS Accomplishments

We began when Ron Ott told us Pleasant Grove Canal entrained up to 90% of smolt and other juveniles returning to the Pacific Ocean to mature. In 2016, with the help of Brad Arnold at South Sutter Water District, Placer County’s Placer Legacy and Family

Beavers on Working Lands

Our friends at Worth a Dam, the Beaver education site headquartered in Martinez, point us to this video. The Stapelton’s, a pair of working ranchers, point to their experience in working with beavers on their lands. Additional information on managing the benefits of beavers can


The Environmental Protection Information Center is suing the Federal Government on their beaver trapping policy. As reported on the website of our good friends on the beaver friendly website Give a Dam, the trapping policy damages salmon habitat. Read full details in the link above.

Evolution of Wild Salmon in Action

Gold Country Images has created the following short clip showing evolution in action in the wild salmon population. The so called “precocious male”–a juvenile male that spawns earlier than most salmon, introduces vigor and variation in a wild salmon population,