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DREAMS by Jack Sanchez, SARSAS President

Would be wonderful to have a water contractor like Oakdale Irrigation District with Steve Knell as General Manager on Auburn Ravine, but sadly we do not have a water contractor concerned with the well-being of fishes and riparian habitat … rather sad and disquieting that so much natural beauty and goodness are being ignored by the Nevada Irrigation District ( NID ), the water contractor using Auburn Ravine only as a delivery system for water to its customers with little regard for the life in the Ravine but with much regard for profit. You are invited to watch the video that has a model stewardship agency protecting the river. Replenishing a River: Stanislaus River Honolulu Bar Restoration, comes to life in this new video. Funded in large part by the Oakdale Irrigation District (OID), the project created vital habitat to improve the numbers of young salmon and steelhead rearing on a two-and-a-half acre region of the Stanislaus River and was made possible by OID’s commitment to stewardship and giving back to the Stanislaus River. Just highlight, then click on link below: —

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