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Well-being of Salmon Used as Bargaining Chip

Rem Scherzinger, GM of NID, was interviewed today by Sarah McCormack on Auburn Radio KAHI.  When he was asked about fish passage on Auburn Ravine’s Hemphill Dam, he mentioned he is waiting for the Protests filed by Foothill Water Network, of which SARSAS is a member, to be withdrawn.

State Water Resources Control Board has filed Nine Water Rights violations against NID for using and selling water it has no right to and for degrading the environment, fish and wildlife and the streams on which these violations occur.

NID has done nothing to correct these violations filed December 20, 2009.  Rem is now trying to get the protests withdrawn in return for fish passage over Hemphill Dam.

He is using the well-being of salmon as a bargaining chip.

Listen to a copy of the iterview below.


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