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No to SARSAS’s Request to Help Salmon and Steelhead over Nevada Irrigation District’s Hemphill Dam, which will block fishes for years to come!

In spite of the help from Placer County Fish and Game Commission, Placer County Board of Supervisors, Auburn City Council and Auburn Parks and Recreation and Weeks of Attempting to Arrange a meeting With Director Charlton Bonham of California Department of Fish And Wildlife to do a Salmon/Steelhead Transport over NID’s Hemphill Dam, with no fish passage installation on the horizon by NID, when we asked him directly for permission to do the Transport on our own with no assistance from CDFW, Bonham said, “I AM NOT GIVING SARSAS PERMISSION TO DO A FISH TRANSPORT AT THIS TIME.”

Even though CDFW has pointed out violations by NID at Hemphill so far no enforcement action against NID has been taken by CDFW.

Such are the vagaries of the leader of California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the department charged with protecting and preserve our salmon and steelhead for future generations..

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