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Californians must get salmon and steelhead over rim dams in order to prevent extinction.

When Folsom and Shasta dams were built, they cut off miles of spawning habitat for salmon.  Chinook salmon especially are threatened with extinction. With a warming climate, there is a big question whether enough spawning grounds can be found below the dams to preserve the species. Yet, there are ways in which salmon can be helped over the obstacles to spawn naturally in the colder waters upstream. This approach is being tested by trucking salmon over Shasta dam. Experience in Oregon has shown that there are a variety of methods to help the salmon over the dams, and return them safely to the sea when hatched.

We need a bigger vision for what is possible as outlined in a recent guest editorial in the Auburn Journal by Jack Sanchez, President of SARSAS.

Another View: A vision to bring salmon over the Folsom Dam

By: Jack Sanchez, Guest Columnist

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