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Why Resolving Flow and Passage in Auburn Ravine Has Taken So Long


Yes, Why has it taken so long.

Well, the short and long answer, as explained by Gary Shutes of the California Sportfishing Protection Alliance, is that you have multiple water and power agencies using the Ravine. Each of these agencies tries to limit any responsibility for water flow levels and shift the burden to one of the other agencies. It is easy for them to do that because there are multiple Federal and State regulatory bodies with overlapping jurisdictions. Each of these regulatory bodies operates on their own very slow timetable.

Gary explained all this in an excellent presentation, stepping through each of the issues. It is worth reviewing the brief series of slides on the link below which detail the issues and the problems involved. Gary believes a resolution is possible through a negotiated settlement with all the stakeholders. There is an accumulated body of water flow and in-stream studies which should provide a factual basis for a negotiated settlement to the benefit of everyone, especially the fish.

Chris_Shutes_Auburn Ravine CS 041816

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