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Plan to be voted on by NID BOD at Meeting June 8 for Fixing Hemphill Dam

Hemphill Dam Study


In preparation for their June 8 meeting the Nevada Irrigation District has published the staff study of alternatives for meeting environmental concerns with the existing structure.

After the completion of the Gaging Station fish passage project, environmental groups and regulatory organizations involved with the fish in Auburn Ravine have indicated that a significant issue existed with the passage of fish above the Hemphill facility. Stakeholder groups and regulatory agencies have indicated a desire for the District to resolve this issue. Despite concerns, no grant funding to assist with this issue has been obtained from regulatory agencies even though applications have been made for financial assistance at their request.
Recently, the District and its consultant have completed an engineering alternatives study to analyze viable alternatives that would allow the continued operation of Hemphill canal. The study is attached to this Staff Report and has been developed to be attached to a future Environmental Impact Report (EIR) if it is determined to move forward with a selected project.
The report has a recommended Alternative 4 River Bank Infiltration with a Pumps System with the removal of the existing diversion. The project alternatives were presented to the Engineering Committee, and the Committee requested that staff move forward with the recommended Alternative 4 and to further evaluate Alternative 5. If the Board concurs with Alternatives 4 and 5, the District will move to the next phase of design and permitting.

The link to the full report is below.

Hemphill Dam Study

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