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Dr Heidi Perryman appreciated response of SARSAS to her presentation on the value of beavers

At the June General Meeting, Dr Perryman’s   made a presentation on the the role of beavers in the restoration of urban creeks. Her presentation was warmly received by the group. Dr Perryman posted an appreciation of SARSAS on her website

Yesterday was sneak peek into how a deeply intelligent and committed organization functions. The folk are SARSAS were among the brightest and most ecologically attuned folk I had ever addressed. Many of them were steadfast beaver fans and mentioned to me that the ‘woman who had come last time seemed a little misinformed’.  (Ya think?) Jack Sanchez the president who was the brightest and most eager of the bunch, had a million ideas and contacts and wanted to introduce me to all of them. But the single best part about yesterday was when he started out the day by saying:

“I was reading my favorite book this morning, Moby Dick, and came across a favorite quote that reminded me of how folk feel about beavers”

“Ignorance is the parent of fear”

For further information on Dr Perryman’s reaction to the meeting, visit her site, which is rich with information and videos of beavers in urban settings.

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