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Habitat 2020 along with the Dark Sky Assoc., SARSAS, and others call for mitigation of the impact of lighting on river on salmon predation

Habitat 2020, the Habitat Committee of the Environmental Council of Sacramento and allies (including SARSAS and the Dark Sky Assoc.) the cities of Sacramento and West Sacramento with concerns about city light impacts on declining salmon populations. The groups point to the cities of Sacramento and West Sacramento as key points in salmon migration. Because of the timing of the four runs of salmon, young salmon are present virtually all year long. Night time lighting on the river has been shown to increase predation of young salmon. They are asking the help of these two cities to help develop mitigation measures which protect young salmon.

Specifically, they are asking:

“…for commitment that your City will actively work to ensure that private
and public development along and near salmonid bearing waterways will be lit so as to minimize
impact on these light-sensitive species. We ask that you direct City staff to review existing plans
as they are updated to add appropriate policy language and implementation measures. And we
ask that you direct City staff to include consideration of light impacts on fish as part of all project
initial studies.”

The full letter can be read here: Light on Sacramento and American River

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