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NID Board approves staff recommendation for studies related to Hemphill dam modification or replacement

The NID Board at their March 22 meeting received and approved a staff recommendation for accepting a grant proposal to carry out environmental studies relevant to the replacement or modification of Hemphill dam. Specifically the study would:

Objective 1: Oversee Project and Convene Technical Advisory Group to Participate in Planning  Process
Objective 2: Hydraulic Analysis of Project Affected Area of Auburn Ravine
Objective 3: Complete a Sediment Transport Study of Project Affected Area of Auburn Ravine
Objective 4: Collect Pre-project Baseline Water Quality Data to Document Baseline Conditions in the Project Affected Area
Objective 5: Conduct Two Seasons of Salmon and Steelhead Adult and Redd Surveys Above and Below
Hemphill Diversion site in Auburn Ravine

The full grant proposal can be read below: NID Staff Report re environmental studies

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