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Help Needed to Restore North Ravine, Main Tributary of Auburn Ravine!

Volunteers are needed to help SARSAS North Ravine Restoration Coordinator Robert Hane restore North Ravine, the four and a half miles long main tributary of Auburn Ravine for crrent  steelhead spawning.

If you would like to help in some way, he can be reached at 530 885 3005/cell 530 0881 to work out the details and find how you can help.

We need grant writers, engineers, students, retired people and anyone who believes his efforts would help.  Activities include tree planting, exotic plant removal to enhance water flow and create natural spawning pools, and brush removal.

Much has already been accomplished but much remains to do.

North Ravine flows from the Dewitt area across Mt. Vernon Road at the Winery and then crosses Wise Road and joins Auburn Ravine.

We welcome volunteers with all skill sets.

Jack Sanchez

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