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Help Needed Restoring North Ravine

Section of North Ravine after restoration

Because Nevada Irrigation District (NID) is delaying removal of Hemphill Dam, two miles upstream from City of Lincoln, SARSAS (Save Auburn Ravine Salmon and Steelhead) is currently focusing on restoring North Ravine for endangered steelhead spawning.

North Ravine is the main tributary of Auburn Ravine, which joins it downstream of Wise Powerhouse, a little over a mile downstream from the City of Auburn.

Robert Hane, SARSAS North Ravine Restoration Coordinator, is working with landowners to clear invasive plants, create resting pools and rapids, removing debris and plant several varieties of trees, all to provide 4 ½ mile for steelhead to spawn.

Robert’s motto is, “Where shade exists, salmon persist.”

He is working with the US Fish and Wildlife Service (UFS), California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association LNOAA) and the California Conservation Corp(CCC).  SARSAS needs many helpers from our area.

He is at the point at which he needs volunteers to continue and complete the restoration.  Whatever skills, strengths or time you have , Robert can use you.

If you would like to help, please call Robert Hane at 530 885 3005/cell 530 368 0881.

You can check the work being done by driving by the Mt. Vernon Winery on Mt. Vernon Road just past Millertown Road.

Your efforts will help restore spawning in North Ravine, help get salmon and steelhead spawning permanently in the two parks in the Center of Auburn, Auburn School Park Preserve, between City Hall and Placer High School, and Ashford Park, on Auburn Ravine Road.

Whatever help you can volunteer, SARSAS can use.


Jack Sanchez
Save Auburn Ravine Salmon and Steelhead (SARSAS)
President and Founder
P.O. Box 4269
Auburn, CA 95604
(530) 888-0281

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