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Daily Archives: December 4, 2017

Restoration North Ravine

While the North Ravine had historically supported fish, over the years and the accumulation of trash and the growth of Himalayan blackberries had choked the streams and destroyed the habitat for fish. Removing the blackberries and adding water loving alders to shade the stream recreated

North Ravine Location

The North Ravine is a small tributary of Auburn Ravine, flowing roughly parallel with Mt Vernon Road before heading South to join Auburn Ravine at Wise Power House. Historically the North Ravine has supported sizeable steel head trout.    

North Ravine Reconciliation Ecology in Action

The concept of Reconciliation Ecology looks at the reality of human altered landscapes and looks for science based solutions to how we can continue to use the land and water for human benefit and at the same time maximize the ability to sustain the natural