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City of Auburn Waste Water Treatment Plant a significant source of water for fish in Auburn Ravine

At the General Meeting April 23, Bernie Schroeder, Director of Planning and Public Works for the City of Auburn and Mark Cocke, a Senior Engineer with NextGen presented an update on the the Wastewater Treatment Improvement project currently in process. The soon to be completed upgrade improves reliability, provides for future growth, uses new and improved more energy efficient technology.

The plant currently meets state standards for discharge, see below. When completed, the project will provide extra capacity to absorb storm events as well as future growth. Because water flows in the Ravine can vary widely, due to storms or water passage for uses elsewhere, we learned that discharge from the plant is a significant source of consistent water needed to support fish in the Auburn Ravine. Water quality and temperature is continuously monitored, and as shown below meets high standards for dissolved oxygen and temperature.

Further detail on the project is presented below.

City of Auburn Waste Water Treatment Upgrade

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