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Scientific journal Nature Climate Change predicts “precipitation whiplash”

As widely reported in a number of publications, scientists in the journal Nature Climate Change, report that climate change may expose California to what they call precipitation whiplash, varying periods of drought or semi-drought , alternating with intensely rainy winters concentrated in the short rainy season. The drought periods may last longer than the historical “norm,” and the periods of rain may be more intense than the”norm.”They point to the floods of 1862 as an example of the level of precipitation California may face.

The map below shows the extent of flooding during the 1861-62 event–the most detailed account we have in the historical record.


The Sacramento Bee along with many other sources, has a more detail on the story.

The increased variability of precipitation is a big part of the new normal for California Water. Our upcoming speaker on June 25 has a lot of expertise in this area and it is worthwhile for anyone living in California to hear his presentation, especially if you are concerned about future supplies.

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