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Volunteer Citizen Scientist Coordinator Needed to Monitor Water Quality

The SARSAS Citizen Scientist Coordinator organizes the SARSAS water quality monitoring program using volunteers to test water quality at points along Auburn Ravine. In this program SARSAS joins with other organizations in California and across the country that use water quality monitoring as a tool to maintain the health of streams and water sheds to ensure salmon and steel heads have the the stream quality needed to support life.

Shown below are volunteers conducting a stream flow study of Auburn Ravine, monitoring results of air and water in 2017, and volunteers in other areas conducting water quality measurements.

Auburn Ravine Flow Study March 2010

Stream monitoring by the Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council in Michigan


Our current Citizen Scientist Coordinator, Bob Johnson, is moving to another part of the country, and SARSAS is looking for another local volunteer willing to head the program.

Duties include:

  • At the beginning of the year set up the schedule and publish it
  • Announce the testing week monthly by sending out email to people to the active volunteers (on Excel list.)
  • Help  coordinate  the sharing of the equipment
  • Get either the paper reports or electronic reports from each group
  • Enter the data in sarsas.citizen science stuff.sites(water quality test results)
  • Create copies of the report so you have an electronic copy and paper copy
  • File the electronic copies in sarsas.citizen scientist stuff(sites) in the correct site file
  • File the paper copy in the Citizen Scientist folder.
  • Email an electronic coy of the test to Justin at
  • at the end of the water year September create a report. You can use sarsas(water quality report for auburn ravine) as a starting point.
  • send a copy of the report to the SaRSAS web site.
  • Do school visits. You can use the three fold poster and the power point sarsas.citizen science info(samonoid)
  • Keep track of equipment and have inventory that is not out in the field.

Bob adds that the position is not demanding and takes little time, but that there is room to expand and improve this vital function. If interested, please contact either Bob Johnson or Jack Sanchez via the SARSAS Contact page.

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