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Monthly Archives: October 2018

Update of progress on North Ravine

SARSAS has been working to restore the North Ravine to support salmon and steelhead. The work has involved clearing Himalayan blackberries, along with a quantity of trash, planting alders to shade the stream, and now installation of a fish ladder to give access to upper

My recommendation on Prop 3–Jack Sanchez

Proposition 3 I voted No because there are too many hands out and too litte being done for water use in Ca. $8 B is a lot of money for little water benefit. The Sacbee explains it best.  Whenever you see these water districts

Citizen Science Water Quality Report

The Citizen Science Water Quality report generated by Citizen Science Volunteers shows Auburn Ravine continues to maintain water temperature and clarity to support salmon spawning. Water Quality Report for Auburn Ravine 2017-2018