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My recommendation on Prop 3–Jack Sanchez

Proposition 3

I voted No because there are too many hands out and too litte being done for water use in Ca. $8 B is a lot of money for little water benefit. The Sacbee explains it best. 

Whenever you see these water districts benefitting, be apprised of water benefitting only Southern California:

“Besides the bonds, the measure also would directly benefit the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, the Contra Costa Water District, the San Luis and Delta Mendota Water Authority and the state Department of Water Resources by giving them state cap-and-trade revenue to offset higher electricity costs. The LAO says that could total tens of millions of dollars a year.”

The Friant-Kern Canal is sinking as parts of the San Joaquin Valley floor collapse because of excessive groundwater pumping during the drought. Proposition 3 includes money to repair the canal. Craig Kohlruss Fresno Bee

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