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Vision for future steps

Funds to Get Salmon and Steelhead to Auburn in Auburn Ravine

My thoughts:

Think about how SARSAS can do a large fundraiser in the hundreds of thousands of dollars to get fish to Auburn from the Sacramento River to provide the economic boon attendant to having fish naturally spawning in the two parks for up to four month each year with 84,000 cars currently passing our fair city each day.

Auburn would really profit financially because it would be the only location on Interstate 80 nationwide where folks can see natural spawning with precocious males fertilizing wild female eggs.

Hatcheries, which were sold to the public as a way to mindlessly build dams nationwide, most scientists agree are destroying salmon. If you have been to Natomas Hatchery, you see salmon are killed, eggs fertilized in buckets and carcasses disposed of

Let me know your thoughts here, or email me or let’s meet at DePoe Bay and chat over coffee.

I really want to hear your thinking and especially whom we can recruit to help with this large group project.

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