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Please Join Protest

If you feel Nevada Irrigation is wrong to continue killing four runs of salmon and steelhead in Auburn Ravine, then please join the March to send it a clear message.

The March will start 10 am, Saturday, October 19, 2019, at Lincoln City Hall, 600 6th Street and March to Hemphill Dam.

NID has been blocking upstream migration of fish to reach spawning gravels and reaching Auburn when it built Gold Hill Dam in 1853, for 166 years.

NID is not only still killing fish but denying the City of Auburn the economic blessing of the 100,000 cars and their passengers that will pass Auburn on Highway 80 the chance of seeing fish spawn naturally.

Auburn will be the only city on the 3,000 miles, San Francisco to New York, where the sight of salmon and steelhead spawn naturally.

Please join the March? Jack

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