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Use Lincoln Gauging Station as Model for fish passage at Hemphill

I believe NID can achieve successful fish passage over Hemphill Dam by simply duplicating the highly successful fish passage project on Lincoln Gauging Station and even use the same contractor if possible.

This is exactly the procedure Nevada Irrigation District (NID) should follow to get endangered steelhead and threatened salmon over its long-delayed Hemphill Dam Fish Passage Project in Auburn Ravine, which so far NID has spent $755K and accomplished nothing but spending taxpayer grant money while killing and blocking these fish from reaching the City of Auburn where they can spawn in its two parks, Ashford and Auburn School Park Preserve.

So doing would provide the occupants of the 120,000 cars that pass Auburn each day the opportunity of seeing them spawn NATURALLY, making Auburn the only city on the 3,000 miles of Interstate 80 where such viewing is possible.

Imagine the environmental and economic boon to Auburn and the proliferation of spawning to these rare fishes.

Write and send a letter to NID making this suggestion.

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