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Grant Writer Needed for SARSAS

Grant Writers Needed for Save Auburn Ravine Salmon and Steelhead, Inc., headquartered in Auburn, Ca95604. needs grant writers to fund the many fish passage projects from the Hemphill Dam on Auburn Ravine, two miles upstream on Auburn Ravine from Lincoln, to the City of Auburn, where the Endangered Steelhead and Threatened Salmon will spawn in its two parks, Ashford and Auburn School Park Preserve, between Auburn City Hall and Placer High School in the Center of Auburn. Then, Auburn will be the ONLY city on the 3,000 miles of Interstate 80 where the occupants of the 120,000 cars passing Auburn each day have the opportunity to stop and see these rare fishes spawn NATURALLY for up to four months each year.

SARSAS will share 5% of the total grant awarded with the Grant Writer. For example, if the grant is for one million dollars, the grant gives the writer $50,000. SARSAS will need tens of millions of dollars to get fish to Auburn. Message Jack L. Sanchez if you or someone you know is interested.

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