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Harvest Heirloom Tomatoes/Support SARSAS

Harvest your own SARSAS Heirloom Tomatoes and make a tax-deductible donation to SARSAS – Should be ready to harvest end of July. I will let you know when they are ripe. Jack

Heirloom Tomatoes Soon to be Ripe

Nine varieties of heirlooms are Black Krim, Brandywine, Brandywine Red, Cherokee Purple (best tomato on earth), Golden Jubilee, Green Zebra, Kellogg Breakfast, Pineapple and Sungold.

Come to my home and pick tomatoes which you personally select. Nine varieties of heirlooms are growing in the garden. Bring your own boxes and baskets because heirlooms are thin-skinned, do not do well in bags and do not travel well generally, but they are real tomatoes with a real tomato taste. Bring scissors to cut stems attached so they will keep longer.

Email Jack at to make an appointment to pick. Let me know what date/time works best, and I will try to accommodate you.

After you select and pick your tomatoes, you are encouraged to make a tax deductible donation to SARSAS … 80-0291680 is the tax ID, and I will give you a receipt.

“Two of the greatest things in life are true love and a great tomato, and they are two of the hardest things to find.” –

Armandino Batali

You can find great tomatoes here. Thanks, Jack

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