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Hello SARSAS Supporters.

Two Ways You Can Help

This is SARSAS President and Founder Jack Sanchez. 

I want to update you on progress on getting salmon and steelhead in Auburn Ravine.

North Ravine Restoration Coordinator Robert Hane has been focused on getting Auburn prepared for the coming of Salmon and Steelhead in Auburn Ravine. The City of Auburn has donated money to SARSAS, which Robert is using to prepare for the arrival of the fish. Robert is working at both the Confluence of North Ravine just below Wise Powerhouse in Ophir on Wise Road and on the North Fork of Auburn Ravine near the former location of Champs Restaurant near the overpass on Interstate 80 and Nevada Street. He is cleaning up debris, weeds and planting new trees for shade for the fish, once they get over Gold Hill Dam, the last NID barrier holding salmon back from upstream migration. (Hemphill dam has finally been fixed so the fish can pass upstream at that location.)

Robert’s work is almost magical and he is making signs to post on these two areas so Auburnites will know that when the fish reach these areas, they will technically be in the City of Auburn.

We still need to build a fish passage project at the intersection of Duncan Hill Road and Ophir Road, about a quarter mile upstream from Wise Power House. The Fish Ladder will be about 15 feet High, and will allow the fish when they arrive to get under Interstate 80 and into Auburn.

Related to this Project, I am asking each SARSAS supporter if at all possible to donate $100 and send it to SARSAS, PO Box 4269, Auburn 95604.

Also, SARSAS has been without a Webmaster for for over a year so we need someone to contact me to take over the website. 

My phone is 530 888 0281 if you have questions.

Jack Sanchez

Save Auburn Ravine Salmon and Steelhead (SARSAS)

President and Founder

P.O. Box 4269

Auburn, CA 95604

(530) 888-0281

Tax Exempt EIN

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