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SARSAS Citizen Science Program – Coordinator is Bob Johnson at or call him at 530 262 7036.

The SARSAS Citizen Science Program currently conducts surveys along Auburn Ravine every year between October 15 and April 15 which is the time frame in which Salmon and Steelhead are able to migrate upstream to spawn. Each week, volunteers go to designated areas to count Salmon and Steelhead. They record their observations at along with information about water and air temperature, the clarity or turbidity of the water, and other data.

The advisor for this program is salmon authority Dr. Peter Moyle of the Center for Watershed Science at UC Davis. This program provides documentation on migration patterns of salmon and steelhead, water conditions, and the overall health of the Auburn Ravine watershed. We are always looking for more volunteers to do these observations so we can cover more areas of Auburn Ravine.

Eventually, we hope to expand into a full-year program using Spark water quality test kits so we will have a complete picture of water conditions in Auburn Ravine. Each observation takes between 30 minutes and 1 hour and is usually done on Sunday afternoons. If you want to feel the excitement of seeing wild salmon surge upstream, volunteer for this program.  

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2014/2015 Citizen Science Report 

Observations Over Time

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