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Healey CDFW 2013 Auburn Ravine Rotary Screw Trap Monitoring Report RS


  1. SARSAS White Paper v10 March 12, 2015

Reports from SARSAS

  1. Assistance for Groups to Form a Group Like SARSAS: The SARSAS Plan for Saving Salmon in California and in the Pacific Marine Fishery. This may serve as a model for groups forming on the other 737 tributaries of California’s two great rivers.
  2. SARSAS Update on the Progress in Returning Salmon and Steelhead to Auburn Ravine – Jack Sanchez – 6/2014
  3. SARSAS Summary of Minimum Water Flow Studies on the Auburn Ravine
  4. Inventory of Obstacles to Fish Passage on Auburn Ravine by Ron Ott
  5. Documents received from California Fish and Wildlife responding to a Public Records Act request by SARSAS.  We requested all documents concerning Nevada Irrigation District’s application to CFW to perform work on the Hemphill Dam.  Letters and internal memos are included.  The final document in the series, a Suspension of Notification letter to NID, concludes that the dam is operating in violation of the law.
  6. Auburn Ravine Sampling Procedures_final

Plans and Projects

  1. Auburn Ravine/Coon Creek Restoration Plan
    1. Appendix D Potential Barriers and Impediments
  2. Nevada Irrigation District – Fish Passage Project
  3. Measures Taken at Lake Tahoe to Coexist with Beavers in Their Streams

Activism & Editorials

  1. Friends of the River: The Voice of California’s Rivers
  2. Editorial (Sacramento Bee, 5/12/13): If BDCP were science-based, Delta flows would be a priority
  3. Bay Delta Conservation Plan
  4. A Selective Bibliography, Auburn Ravine and Western Placer County Streams Appendix
  5. Sacramento Bee Opinion: 40 Year-Old Endangered Species Act Sets a High Standard in Forbidding Extinction
  6. Delta Tunnel Plan Called a Fish Death Sentence by Key Group
  7. Lincoln News Messenger: Auburn Ravine and Western Placer County Streams, Steelhead, and Salmon Op Ed with an Emphasis on Auburn Ravine Steelhead and Rainbow Trout — Ronald Otto
  8. Auburn Ravine Preservation Committee and Ophir Property Owners Association, Inc. – Ronald Otto – 5/2014
  9. The Global Salmon Initiative
  10. Central Valley Salmon and Steelhead Recovery Plan
  11. Trout Unlimited Wild Steelhead Initiative: Be Steelheaded 
  12. Wild Steelhead Initiative FAQ
  13. 1989 Auburn Ravine letters regarding impact of water diversions

Ecosystem Science and Reports

  1. UC Davis – Center for Watershed Sciences
  2. The Use of Wire Fyke Traps to Estimate the Runs of Adult Salmon and Steelhead in the Sacramento River
  3. Historical and Present Distribution of Chinook Salmon in the Central Valley Drainage of California
  4. Salmonid Spawning Habitat Surveys for Placer County Streams
  5. Stream Fish Population Wise Powerhouse Overflow Reach
  6. Streams of Western Placer County – Aquatic Habitat and Biological Resources
  7. Water Levels, Flow Rates, and Temperatures at the NID Gauging Station, Lincoln, CA – 2013, 2014, 2015
  8. Maintaining Wood in Streams: A Vital Action for Fish Conservation
  9. What Do Fish Communities Tell Us About the Biotic Conditions of Streams in Placer County?
  10. Salmon, Steelhead, and Trout in California – Status of an Emblematic Fauna – A Report Commissioned by California Trout 2008
  11. Fish Passage Improvement Report 2005 – Bulletin 250
  12. Individual and Population Level Variation in Growth Parameters for Steelhead Trout Oncorhynchus mykiss in Central California
  13. 2013 Auburn Ravine Rotary Screw Trap Monitoring Report
  14. How One Unlikely Rodent is Saving the American West – and Perhaps the Planet
  15. Relative-Risk Evaluation for Pesticides Used in the Central Valley Pesticide Basin Plan Amendment Project Area
  16. Rebirth of California Fish and Game Code Section 5937


  1. Water Rights for Property Owners in California
  2. Bulletin 250 – Appendix B – Applicable Laws and Examples of Fish Passage Programs at Other Agencies
  3. SB – 665 – Lake and Streambed Alteration Agreements: Endangered Species
  4. Division of Hydropower Administration and Compliance – Department of Energy – Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) – Compliance Handbook – March 2004
  5. Protest by the Foothill Water Network and others against the Nevada Irrigation District reapplication for water rights licenses
  6. Summary of dealpoints between NID and DFW
  7. State Water Resources Control Board Oct 2009
  8. Foothill Waternetwork response to Nevada Irrigation District and Depst Fish Wildlife dealpoints

News Reports

  1. Restoring Fisheries Above Shasta and Folsom Dams Faces High Hurdles
  2. Auburn Drainage Creek Draws Concern Over Water Flow
  3. Auburn Journal Article: “Volunteer Groups Clear the Way for Salmon”
  4. Auburn Journal: Another View: Conditions Excellent for Salmon Returning to the Auburn Ravine – Jack Sanchez
  5. Lincoln News Messenger: Regional Water Board Orders Lincoln to Clean Up Old Landfill
  6. Spawning Salmon Climb the Lincoln Fish Ladder: 11/13/12
  7. Reversing Course on Beavers: New York Times 10/24/14


  1. Auburn Ravine Map with Road Names
  2. Diagram of the Water Conveyances in the Auburn Area
  3. Natomas Water District Map of Cross Canal with GPS Points

Monetary Value of Beaver Dams and Other Natural Resources

  1. How much is Nature worth? More than you can imagine
  2. How do we value the Earth. A BBC story tries to answer the question
  3. A beaver:Value: $120,000 Beavers, through building dams and other structures, change the environment in ways that can benefit people. One study by Buckley, M. et al. (2011) The economic value of beaver ecosystem services Escalante River Basin, Utah. ECONorthwest, Portland, Oregon, found the overall contribution of all beavers running to hundreds of millions of dollars. Researched by Juniper/WCMC-UNEP.


  1. Beavers, Trees, and Rivers of Life
  2. Auburn Ravine Fishing Regulations v3


  1. A Selective Bibliography, Auburn Ravine and Western Placer County Streams with an Emphasis on Auburn Ravine Steelhead
  2. Introduction to A Selective Bibliography for Western Placer Streams with Appendix 2014
  3. Western Placer Watershed Assessment Bibliography