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Lincoln Gauging Station Fish Ladder

Use Lincoln Gauging Station as Model for fish passage at Hemphill

I believe NID can achieve successful fish passage over Hemphill Dam by simply duplicating the highly successful fish passage project on Lincoln Gauging Station and even use the same contractor if possible. This is exactly the procedure Nevada Irrigation District (NID) should follow to get

Auburn School Park

Community Action needed to enable salmon to reach Auburn

My goal is to get City of Auburn, fraternal groups, clubs, Non Profits, Businesses and individuals to take possession of a barrier and provide fish passage.   Getting fish the last mile must be a collaborative effect. Jack Inventory of Obstacles from Wise Powerhouse to Auburn

Board of Supervisors approves salmon study

As reported Veronica Blake, CEO of Place Community Foundation in Gold Country Media, The Board of Supervisors has approved funding forWilliam Jessup’s Institute of Biodiversity and the Environment (IBE), “the program is now primed to launch a new research study to support and restore the